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2012 Tom Bass Memorial Address

22nd June, 2012

The second Tom Bass Memorial Address was presented on Saturday, June 16th 2012, at 7 pm by Glenda Cloughley at the ATYP (Australian Theatre for Young People) in Walsh Bay, NSW


Glenda talked about the role of ETHOS  as a focus for the community and about the prophetic role of sculpture as Tom understood it when he was makign ETHOS.  Glenda spoke of the artist as a seer and generator of totems that reflect the emotional truth and possibility of the people in a place and time.

In her 50th Birthday year it was an opportunty to reflect on the role ETHOS has played in the community and also give voice to the creative out pouring she has inspired through the song stories  and music by Glenda Cloughley and Johanna McBride and the Chorus of Women

After the Address the performance of the Gifts of the Furies composed by Glenda Cloughley and directed by Johanna McBride was supported by Sydney choralists including the youthful voices of the Sydney University Theatre Ensemble MUSE


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The DVD of the Address and the performance will be on this website in due course

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2011 Tom  Bass Memorial Address

Given by Deborah  Beck at the  National Art School  in the historic  Cell Block Theatre on June 7.   The lecture was video recorded and can now be heard via the Resources  menu link