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11th September, 2013

There are several new videos with Tom Bass, and about Tom Bass in production.

A recent and exciting development is that the well know documentary film maker Mike Rubbo has edited several films.

In one he interviews Tom Bass about becoming and artist

Tom Bass becomes a Sculptor

In a second film Mike Rubbo interviews him about Teaching

Tom Bass- about


Mike Rubbo has over 200 films on youtube, all made pro bono, all made about issues or cause he believes in. He is the grandson of Datillo Rubbo who was Tom Bass’ foremost teacher

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The 2012 Tom Bass Memorial Address by Glenda Cloughley can also be accessed via the following link

Tom Bass Memorial
Address 2012

This richly illustrated address recalls Bass’s own humane, passionate ethos through the sculpture he made to represent the Spirit of Community long before such a thing was discernible in the dusty little national capital.  The focus will be on Ethos as a way of continuing to renew the roles that Bass played in the public life of Australia throughout his 60-year career.

His Canberra friend Glenda Cloughley will spoke of the artist as a seer and generator of totems that reflect the emotional truth and possibility of the people in a place and time.